BADO Equipment Service Company
4615 Aline St
Houston, TX 77087

Telephone: (713) 643-2658
Toll Free (888) 727-4761

About BADO


For over 25 years Bado Equipment has been servicing the crane industry. Offering crane sales, crane rental, crane repair services, crane parts as well certified crane boom welding services, Bado Equipment Service Company covers all aspects of the industry. Our hands on expertise in hydraulic cranes, crawler cranes and offshore pedestal cranes is renowned in the industry both domestically and internationally.


Allen Richie, President

Allen has been the President of Bado Equipment Service 1Company since 1990. He has 30 years experience with Link-Belt cranes and is a Certified Link-Belt Master Technician.  His humble beginnings in the industry started with a position in the parts department and movement up through the company into the Offshore Service Department. He continues to work closely with all personnel.


Bob Smiley, Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer

1Bob has been Vice Pesident of Bado Equipment Service Company since 1990. He began his career in the crane industry as a service representative and eventually became Service Manager in San Antonio. Bob has over 25 years experience with Link-Belt cranes and is a Certified Link-Belt Master Technician.


Yvette Sullivan , Office Manager

Yvette has over 20 years experience in our company and is responsible for overseeing all Administrative and Financial operations. Yvette works closely with all personnel and is happily regarded as the company social organizer.